The Africa Financial Grid is specifically designed to help MFIs reduce operating costs, streamline lending processes, and expand into additional finan

The Africa Financial Grid is specifically designed to help MFIs reduce operating costs, streamline lending processes, and expand into additional financial services such as micro-insurance, bill pay, credit scoring and history, and international remittances. Its resource-sharing feature will also enable MFIs to collaborate with credit bureaus, international payment networks, and other financial institutions. Eventually, open platform technologies and standards will be adopted wherever possible to offer additional third-party services and capabilities, such as linking mobile payment providers to allow customers to repay loans and conduct money transfers via mobile phones or other devices

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5 Ways to Save Time and Money on Your Business Printing Needs

Andrew Field, founder of e-commerce printing and, shares tips for obtaining affordable, high-quality marketing materials.

1. Research Various Printers
2. Request Samples
3. Ask Questions
4. Only Accept the Best
5. Take Advantage of Special Discounts

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175 Power Verbs and Phrases for Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews.

While you’re revamping your resume or cover letter or constructing your proof-by-example stories for interviews, you’ll find you need to watch your word choice. Why? Communication is powerful if the words we use to communicate are powerful. That’s not all it takes, but the right words make for a good beginning.

So as you craft achievement statements or write paragraphs that sell your skills or draft interview responses to knock the employers’ socks off, consider these suggestions:

  • Use verbs in active tense, not passive tense.
  • Use verbs that convey power and action.
  • Use verbs that claim the highest level of skill or achievement you can legitimately claim.
  • Use verbs to accurately describe what you have done on the job.
  • Use adjectives and adverbs sparingly, but when you use them, use them well.
  • Use nouns that are as specific and as descriptive as possible.
  • Use numbers whenever possible.
  • Use the most impressive (and still honest) form of the number you use.
  • Never lie! It IS NOT worth it. It WILL catch up with you.
  • Proofread all your verbs and nouns for agreement, tense and appropriateness.

Here, then, are 175 powerful verbs and phrases to make use of in resumes, cover letters and interviews:

  • abated
  • abolished
  • accelerated
  • accomplished
  • achieved
  • actively participated
  • administered
  • advanced
  • advised
  • aggressively analyzed
  • applied
  • assumed a key role
  • authored
  • automated
  • built
  • hired
  • closed
  • coached
  • co-developed
  • codirected
  • co-founded
  • cold called
  • collected
  • co-managed
  • communicated
  • completed
  • computerized
  • conceptualized
  • conducted
  • consolidated
  • contained
  • contracted
  • contributed
  • controlled
  • convinced
  • coordinated
  • cost effectively created
  • critiqued
  • cut
  • dealt effectively
  • decreased
  • defined
  • delivered
  • designed
  • developed
  • developed and applied
  • directed
  • doubled
  • earned
  • eliminated
  • emphasized
  • enforced
  • established
  • evaluated
  • exceeded
  • executed
  • exercised
  • expanded
  • expedited
  • facilitated
  • filled
  • focused
  • formulated
  • fostered
  • founded
  • gained
  • generated
  • ground-breaking
  • headed up
  • helped
  • identified
  • implemented
  • improved
  • increased
  • initiated
  • innovated
  • instituted
  • instructed
  • integrated
  • interviewed
  • introduced
  • investigated
  • lectured
  • led
  • leveraged
  • maintained
  • managed
  • marketed
  • motivated
  • negotiated
  • orchestrated
  • organized
  • outmaneuvered
  • overcame
  • oversaw
  • penetrated
  • performed
  • permitted
  • persuaded
  • planned
  • played a key role
  • positioned
  • prepared
  • presented
  • prevented
  • produced
  • profitably
  • project managed
  • promoted
  • proposed
  • prospected
  • protected
  • provided
  • published
  • quadrupled
  • ranked
  • received
  • recommended
  • recruited
  • reduced
  • removed
  • renegotiated
  • replaced
  • researched
  • resolved
  • restored
  • restructured
  • reversed
  • satisfied
  • saved
  • scheduled
  • scoped out
  • selected
  • self-financed
  • set up
  • sold
  • solved
  • staffed
  • started
  • stopped
  • streamlined
  • substituted
  • supervised
  • taught
  • tightened
  • took the lead in
  • trained
  • trimmed
  • tripled
  • troubleshooted
  • turned around
  • upgraded
  • yielded

While you certainly can use the list anytime you’re looking to say something in a more powerful way, you can also use it to help jog your memory about accomplishments on present and past jobs that you might otherwise overlook. Also, consider using the list to help you refine your resumes and cover letters to be more powerful in their presentation and communication.

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How to Win the Bankruptcy Game: Your Court Appearance

Your Court Appearance

Judges are not allowed to be present at your creditors� meeting. As a result the trustee runs the show and the rules can be rather flexible. You are always free to consult with your attorney at any time during the questioning. Your attorney also has the right to interject clarifying remarks when necessary. This is not an inquisition, it�s just an information gathering session. Chances are there will be several other filers waiting in line. The trustee may appear rather bored, as he is required to repeat the same set of questions over and over. You should concentrate on blending in with the whole procedure as much as possible. Don't make waves or try and get into a debate.

Though the law does not require it, some trustees may ask you to surrender all your credit cards at some point in the proceeding. (They are only required to do so for those creditors who specifically demand that their cards be returned) If you plan to keep one or more of your cards, make this intention known to your lawyer before the meeting begins. (These are the cards you paid off in anticipating of your filing).

Schedule your court appearance carefully. Discuss this important subject with your attorney. If he doesn�t mention the following � you bring it up. The best times are 1. Just before Christmas, 2. On a Friday just before a holiday weekend 3. During July or August during the vacation season.

Have your attorney sit down and prepare you for each court appearance. Be sure to discuss all questions you may be asked. Try to anticipate the unexpected as much as possible. You don�t want any surprises at this stage of the game.

Should a repossession agent show up to repossess an asset inside your home, you can legally refuse them access to your residence. The only way they can prevail is to go to a court and obtain a court order. Few creditors will bother. Especially if there�s an automatic stay in effect.

I would be remiss if I didn�t include a short note about what can go wrong at this point. When you get to court, you will be placed under oath and asked a series of detailed questions regarding your financial situation. Be very careful. This is no time for playing games. If the trustee comes to feel that you are not being completely honest he can do some rather unpleasant things to you. First he may forward a recommendation to the court that the discharge of your debts be disallowed. (Ouch!) But it gets worse. He may also report your suspected deception to the U.S. Attorney for federal prosecution! So the motto here is - be honest! Make every effort to appear open and fully cooperative.

The Infamous "Slam-Dunk"

If you�re facing a divorce - this information may be useful. But please, if you use this ploy against a spouse, be sure that they really deserve it.

Jack and Sally have been having problems lately and it appears that divorce is in the wind. One night Jack asks Sally to sit down and discuss their problems. In his most sincere voice he tells her how much he regrets what has happened and that he feels that the marriage is over. The only thing left to do is to divide up the marital assets fairly. Jack says that he wants to do the right thing for Sally. He offers Sally what sounds like a really good deal provided she doesn�t hire an attorney and is willing to forgo receiving any alimony. Jack offers to make the house payments for a full ten years. He also offers to pay off her car and will even make the payments on their considerable credit card debt. Not a bad deal she thinks. She gets to live in the house for a full decade. She gets her car paid off and she can stop worrying about those old credit card bills. Jack tells Sally that she won�t get a better deal through an attorney and if she decides to hire one, this deal is off. This is a limited one-time offer. Jack pulls out some papers which Sally happily signs. Smiles all around. Sally keeps the house and Jack accepts all the debt.

Two days after the divorce was final, Jack filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and wiped out all the debt he just accepted! Sally gets absolutely nothing out of the deal. She must now make the house payments or lose the house, must make the car payments or lose the car and like a boomerang those nasty old credit card bills come swooping back!

This terrible ploy has been visited upon so many ex-wives that new protections have been written into the bankruptcy code with the intention of protecting the victim�s situation. But there are some limitations.

The new bankruptcy law now allows the injured (slam-dunked) spouse to file for protection within 60 days of their ex-spouse�s creditors� meeting. This means that she must retain a lawyer (who of course will need to be paid) and file during the relatively restricted 60 day window. If she misses the window or cannot afford to hire an attorney � she loses. Many ex-husbands are hoping that their ex-wives lack either the knowledge or the resources to take advantage of this new law.

Leasing a Car So That the Bankruptcy Court Can�t (or won't) Touch it�

As with everything else in this report, be sure to run this past your lawyer before you take any actions. This strategy may be just the ticket you need to drive a decent late-model car or it might work at all. It's a gamble but there are those who have pulled it off...

You lease a car. Don�t get greedy here. Just lease a decent non-luxury model. A new Chevy or Ford will do nicely. Do not make a large down payment, just the usual one. Be sure there is no automatic-repossession-upon-notification-of-bankruptcy-filing clause in the lease agreement. Increase the contract�s penalties for returning the car before the final lease expiration date. Make sure there are no provisions for recovering any funds by surrendering the vehicle during the term of the lease. Make sure you stay current on the payments. And of course, don�t list the lease on your list of debts to be discharged on your bankruptcy petition.

The court may not like your lease if the car is too fancy or the term of the lease too long. Keep the lease down to two or three years, the shorter the term the better.

The court assigns a trustee whose job it is to recover as much money as possible by selling off your non-exempt assets. If you owned the car outright with no debt, and it�s value exceeds the usual maximum threshold (usually a measly $1,200) the trustee would quickly sell it off and use the funds to help satisfy your creditors. His decision would be a simple one.

But when a trustee decides whether or not to sell off a particular asset he must look at how much time and effort will be required versus how much money he might recover. If the effort is not worth the return, the trustee will take a pass, which is our goal in this case.

Because lease agreements vary so much, there are no black and white rules about whether or not a trustee will terminate a lease. A vehicle leased according the formula provided above may present the trustee with one of those situations where terminating the lease is more trouble than it�s worth. (Besides, it�s not going to produce any additional funds for your creditors - so why bother at all?)

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85 Penis Size "Facts"

85 Penis Size "Facts"

After all this, you must be more than ready for the penis size "facts". Note: When it says "men" or "women" then that is what it says, otherwise it would say "all men" or "all women". So think about this before making a comment. There are exceptions to everything in life… Enjoy!
If you are a woman and you don't prefer bigger than average penises, then you are... an exception.

Women prefer bigger penises more than men prefer bigger breasts.

The average penis measures 6 to 7 inch long and 5 to 5 ½ inch in circumference (about 1 ¾ inch wide).

When you think you have a small penis, you are generally right.

Shorter and thinner than average flaccid penises are averagely shorter and thinner when erect than average erect penises. (Does that make any sense?)

Penis size is not just a locker room issue.

Women care about the size of flaccid penises.

Women love touching and looking at big flaccid penises.

Women love touching and looking at big erect penises.

Women love giving oral sex to big penises, if they are able to of course.

Big penises cause more vaginal pleasure for women.

What about this: Twenty percent of all women stay with a man for his big penis...

forty percent stay with a man for his money...

forty percent stay with a man because of who he is...

...eighty percent would like their partner to have a bigger penis!

...eighty percent of women don't orgasm from intercourse alone!

...eighty percent of men have an average or small penis!

If your penis slips out often during intercourse, you probably have a small penis.

Women find small penises frustrating.

Women find small penises annoying.

Women find small penises boring.

Women find small penises embarrassing.

Women look for bulge when meeting men.

Women look up to men with big penises.

Women find big penises impressive.

Women consider men with big penises more masculine.

Men with big penises are more self secure.

Women prefer men who are self secure.

Most women consider men with a big penis a sex object.

Most men don't mind to be considered a sex object by women.

Women pretend they want a sensual and sensitive man no matter his size.

Women know they want a macho and masculine man with big penis size.

Women want to sleep at least once in their life with a man with a very big penis.

Men with bigger penises date more women than men with smaller penises.

Men with a big penis have more chance to have sex with two or more women at the same time.

Women brag to other women if their partner has a big penis.

Women have more patience when it comes to well hung guys.

Men with a big penis get dumped less by their girlfriend than men with a small penis.

Most women are sexually very active with different partners between the age of 17 and 21.

Most women have had many more sexual partners than they are telling you.

Consequently, the probability that a man's new date has seen a bigger penis than his is very high.

If a woman doesn't make a comment about a man's penis it means she is not impressed, …or worse.

Women make favorable comments when they discover their new mate has a big penis.

If you haven't heard any great comments about your penis size when having sex the first time with a woman, you don't have a big penis.

If you have never heard a complaint about your penis being too small, it might be because the complaint was muted while pronounced.

Asking a woman if she thinks your penis is big is useless.

If a woman tells you your penis is nice, it means usually it is rather small.

If a woman tells you your penis is big, it means usually it is plain average.

If a woman tells you your penis is so huuuuge, it usually means it is just big.

If a woman lowers your pants, utters a shriek, takes off her clothes and hugs your penis, it usually means you are too big.

However, if a woman lowers your pants, utters a shriek, puts her clothes back on and leaves, it usually means you are too small.

Women don't tell you that you are average. They will tell you that you are big, the rest is small and very few are humongous.

If your girlfriend's previous lover was above average thick, she will not feel you inside if you are below average thick.

If your girlfriend's previous lover was way above average thick, she will not feel you inside if you are average thick.

Most vaginas prefer thick penises.

Most penises prefer tight vaginas.

If your woman purposely squeezes her vagina very tight during intercourse, she wants to make you feel big.

Women have to strain themselves to get off on a thinner than average penis.

Men with a short penis have to work harder to give pleasure to a woman.

Men with a long penis have to work less hard during intercourse.

Men with a long penis have more fun during intercourse.

Men with a long penis cause more fun during intercourse.

Men with a long and thick penis cause the most fun during intercourse.

Women consider a penis between 7 and 8 inch in length and between 6 and 6 1/2 inch girth ideal.

Women whose partner is smaller than average, wish sometimes he would wear a big strap-on.

A big strap-on causes less pleasure than a real penis of the same size.

Women whose partner is larger than average never think of him wearing a strap-on.

Men with small penises masturbate more often.

Over-masturbating causes your penis to shrink by eventually depleting your sexual energy.

Men with small penises are getting masturbated more often than getting laid.

Not using your penis by getting laid might cause it to shrink as well.

If a woman publicly says that size doesn't matter, it is often because she is with a small penis guy.

Women who believe size is a non-issue tend to be more spiritual than sexual.

Women who believe size is a non-issue tend to be more insecure and are looking for long-term relations.

Women who believe size is a non-issue care less about sex to begin with.

Women who believe size is a non-issue usually want flowers, candies and long walks under the moonlight instead of wild sex.

Women who believe size is a non-issue only want to make love.

Normal women want to make love on some days and have sex on the other ones.

Making love is spiritual..., having sex is physical attraction, size and technique.

Men with a big penis can be just as good or bad in technique as smaller endowed men.

If a smaller endowed man has great technique, it might be because he doesn't have much choice.

Most women who always prefer receiving oral sex to penetration, do so because of either mental or physical causes.

In general, women prefer vaginal penetration above oral stimulation.

The main reason some women feel pain from penetration by a large penis is that the guy rushes without waiting for the vagina to be expanded.

Other reasons a woman can feel pain from penetration by a large penis is that she is not relaxed enough or that the guy has bad technique.

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